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InAwe is based on the concepts of innovation, encouraging development and the challenging of assumptions surrounding people with autism and other diagnoses.

Too often people who have a diagnosis are judged based solely on their behaviour rather than on the person as a whole. InAwe was started by Monique Post in 2015 after winning an Inspire the Vale bursary from Creative Rural Communities. In 2016 her mentor, Dr.Martine Delfos, joined InAwe.

Monique and Martine have both experienced the negative judgements made towards people with autism and know how potentially damaging it can be to a persons’ developing self confidence.

They challenge their audiences to really think about the labelling of ‘autistic behaviour’ and whether that way of thinking is truly helping each of us to connect to one another on a human to human level.

The asking of questions is an intrinsic part of what InAwe is all about in order to encourage people to think. Often it takes too long for the newest knowledge to trickle down to professionals, families and the people themselves. An essential aspect of what InAwe is all about is providing a translate of the newest findings into presentations, lectures and workshops.

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Introducing current innovative developments that are happening on an international level is at the core of what they believe in.

The introduction of the pioneering work of biopsychologist Dr.Martine Delfos, and her models such as the Socioscheme and Mental Age Spectrum Within 1 Person (MAS1P) is unique. Her work is being embraced in countries as far afield as Ecuador, Bosnia Herzegovina, Canada and Aruba. In 1997 she set up PICOWO, Psychological Institute for Consultation, Education and Scientific Research in which internationally acclaimed neuroscientist Prof Dr.Dick Swaab holds a board position.

Current research has opened up new perspectives: autism is starting to be considered a ‘delay and acceleration’ in brain development instead of a ‘defect’ and this leads to hope.


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