Monique Post

The people in my life inspire and encourage me to aim high and never give up on something I believe in. This has helped me to change my perspective on many things in life and through this I have been able to develop and become a freelancer in The Netherlands and set up a business in the UK.

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Martine Delfos

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Friends of InAwe

The Waterloo Foundation

The foundation supports inspiring work on a national and international level and has supported InAwe via the Inspire the Vale Bursary and the 2016 Meeting of Minds.


Angela McMillan setup EHE after working as a counselor/psychotherapist in education after seeing the gap in service provisions for youngsters needing additional support.


ASDES has the aim to get people with autism into paid employment and keep them in work. InAwe is working together with ASDES to help support them achieve their objectives.

Creative Rural Communities

InAwe applied and won an Inspire the Vale Bursary from Creative Rural Communities and has been supported by the development officers.

Halcyon Training Foundation

Halcyon raises awareness of autism and related conditions through training and education. Halcyon believes all people with autism have a right to reach their full potential.

Swansea University

Dr Gareth Noble is an associate professor of the College of Medicine, runs the Masters Autism Degree and is a valued supporter of InAwe.

Samuel Goudie

Sam is the creator of the InAwe brand. His approach is that simple is always better; focusing on strong ideas, clear communication, and well crafted execution.